TFS 2010 for Testers

Duration2 days



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AudienceTesters, QA

Products and technologies

Course Description

This two day course is designed for testers looking to get up to speed with Visual Studio 2010 as quickly as possible.

The course then focuses on features of Microsoft Test Professional 2010 which is a standalone product or part of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition. The course teaches you how to plan and execute your tests using the Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) product. It looks at test suites, test plans, test cases and test configurations and how you can make your tests as resilient as possible.

During the course attendees will also learn how testers and developers can work more closely together to reduce the time it takes to find and fix software defects. Through the efficient use of new data collectors, developers should be able to pinpoint issues quicker than ever before.

One of the key topics that should also interest teams is how they can effectively report testing progress and the status of various test suites and test cases.

Towards the end of the course, attendees will also see the powerful new Team Lab Management product and see how it can assist you in rapidly provisioning complete test environments.

This course includes hands-on labs to reinforce practical skills and ensure you’re ready to use the tools on your return to your workplace.

Course Objectives

This three day course is designed for team members who are responsible for the installation, configuration and administration of Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013.



Attendees should be familiar with Visual Studio and the basic use of Team Foundation Server.


Module 1: Introduction to Agile Testing

  • Traditional vs Agile Testing
  • How “Agile” relates to testing
  • Becoming an Agile tester
  • Understanding testing terminology
  • Keys to effective testing

Module 2: A lap around Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

  • A look at the Visual Studio 2010 product family
  • Introducing Microsoft Test Professional 2010
  • The role of Team Foundation Server

Module 3: Working with Microsoft Test Manager

  • Creating Test Suites
  • Mapping requirements to tests
  • Creating and managing test cases
  • Configuring Test settings
  • Diagnostic data adapters
  • Analysing impacted tests

Module 4: Manual Test recording and playback

  • Executing test cases
  • Raising high quality actionable bug reports
  • Test case Fast Forward
  • Creating Shared Steps

Module 5: Exploratory Testing with MTM

  • The origin of Exploratory testing
  • Defining Exploratory Testing
  • When to use Exploratory Testing
  • Exploratory Testing in Microsoft Test Manager

Module 6: Test Automation and Coded UI Testing

  • Planning test automation
  • Creating Coded UI tests from action recordings
  • Using the Coded UI Test Builder
  • Enhancing and data driving your Coded UI tests

Module 7: Web Performance and Load Testing

  • Creating Web Performance tests
  • Data driving your tests
  • Creating and executing Load Tests
  • Understanding Load Test results

Module 8: Reporting test progress and the status of tests

  • Producing test progress reports
  • Using Test Scribe to produce Test Plan documents
  • Creating ad-hoc reports using Excel

Module 9: An overview of Lab Management

  • What is Lab Management?
  • Using the Lab Center in MTM
  • Creating and managing lab environments
  • Configuring tests to run in a lab environment